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  1. Haaaa!! Just clicked back to see your ello notes and saw the info re animation (I didn’t notice it before)! YAY!!!!

    “I have an idea, it looks good on paper, but I get a part way through making it happen and the idea falls apart.” Yes…happens to me all the time. More times than not, actually.

    Glitchy days. ::nods::
    Dave, if I don’t show up on ello in a week or so will you remind me? It’s sooooo cold where I’m sitting that I tend to zone out (frozen brain cells?) before I do everything internet-y that I plan to do each day.

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    1. The animation course is coincidental, I only found it and joined today. I have been playing at the edges of animation for years and this coincidence convinced me I should find out more. The FutureLearn courses are free and the resources remain available to registered participants after the course has finished, allowing anyone to dip in and out at their own pace. Highly recommended.

      The Ello interface is a bit strange, but works well once you know it. I’ll try to remember to remind you 🙂


  2. I like how this marches ever inward. Or outward? And I hope this isn’t too odd to say, but it’s making me think of those animation books, one image per page, then flipping through to show movement.

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