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      1. I’m not absolutely certain there ever will be notes on this. Treat ‘yet’ as a maybe. These are doodles really. My main thought is, how long do I need to doodle before it becomes something other than a doodle?! At least, that is the thought hat popped into my head as I considered a reply to your comment.

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      2. Aha! Thank you! I hope you don’t mind a question: Are you keeping track? Have the doodles become”…something other than a doodles…” yet? If/when they do, will you show them as they turn out? Oh, well. More than one question, and intrusive. :/ But this work really fascinates me, makes me want to jump in with some ideas for my own. There’s a level of excitement buzzing away under all of it that I don’t often find in painting, etc. It’s got a heartbeat. Does that sound silly?


      3. Well, I am not sure there is a recognisable point where a doodle will become something else, and if there is such a point it will depend entirely on the perspective of the viewer. So, my perspective will no doubt be different to yours or any else’s. I am posting these as I make them, so we can each make our own minds up. I am thinking that when page 3 is complete I might take a break to install something else. I can then consider how I might start page 4. Of course, between now and then, anything might happen. There is nothing at all ‘silly’ about any honestly held opinion of any art work.

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