2 thoughts on “installing eulalia

  1. I’m really enjoying this exploration, Dave! The two colors are wonderful and together they make more wonderfulness. Also, each time my eyes land on one of the images I feel like I’m watching those semaphore people moving flags around BUT the colors linger in the spaces they leave just long enough to create other color combinations. Makes my brain feel like there’s a message in it somewhere if I watch long enough. Super! By the way…I’m planning to use a tumblr account to support the MyopesEyes blog here, so I’ll share your posts there, if it’s OK. Not on Twitter, etc., can’t do those.


    1. Always interesting to read what others see Robin. The colours are somewhat richer than those of the actual post-it notes I used. I applied auto levels in photoshop and let it decide the exact colour of the outcome. I could spend a year just working with post-it notes, but as usual, I will flit from idea to idea like a butterfly flits from flower to flower.

      Anything that is on the web can be shared with a link back to its original location, or if that is not remembered a link to http://revad.com will do nicely.

      On the subject of flitting between ideas, just this week, I wrote a highly condensed artist statement where I describe myself as:

      “A fidget who works with code while making art between signal and noise.”

      Which seems to be my most accurate artist statement yet 😉


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