As you may have been able to tell, by my infrequent posts, installing the alphabet noise series wasn’t doing anything for me. And so, as I am here primarily to enjoy what I do, the series has been removed. I continue to appreciate the small band of people who follow and like my posts and I apologise for deleting your likes along with the alphabet noise posts. I’ll go away and have a think about what to post here next. In the mean-time there is much here to explore, if you haven’t seen it already. Thank you for your patience!

PS. the full alphabet noise series can be viewed here and purchased here.

3 thoughts on “update

  1. ::runs back:: Just clicked through to see the full alphabet noise series. Wooooohoooo!! They’re gorgeous! LOVE those colors and the various combniations! Delicious!!!

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    1. Thanks Robin. A white cube gallery with all of them printed on large format aluminium and displayed in sequence would meet my concept. I can dream!


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