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The five unit code concept spans seven years. The first time the idea appeared in a journal was (way) back in 2007, in a journal from my pre degree foundation course. One of many ideas I parked at the time as I pursued other threads.

5uc journal 2007 © revad david riley
5uc journal 2007 © revad david riley

Move on seven years and 5uc came to mind again. Here it is in a journal from the summer of 2014.

5uc journal 2014 © revad david riley
5uc journal 2014 © revad david riley

Quite a cursory sketch, but I had already rediscovered the 2007 journal and putting the two journals together gave me a basic plan of what to do next. As usual, the idea and plan was just a starting point, everything else happens as a response to the discoveries made during the making of an outcome.

I share this as an illustration of the importance of maintaining a good record of enquiry. My journals become particularly important when I am bereft of idea, when they often supply a much needed trigger to move me forward.


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  1. Journals. Treasures! Wise words in this post, Dave. These days I rarely stop to jot any ideas down. It’s a bad habit, one that developed after I lost my job. I was always a “Write it down!!” person, a keeper of lists and diaries, but when I was working I had to keep notes, journals, lists or risk losing critical documentation for projects. Apparently my good sense (and propensity making notes) vanished with the job. I’ve known for years that this is a problem but so far have not been confronted with real evidence as to why. Until now.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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