3 thoughts on “virtual landmark [radcliffe camera]

  1. Beautiful! I’ll spend more time wandering around there tomorrow morning. The only Oxford views I’m familiar with are courtesy of two tv shows: “Inspector Morse” and “Endeavour.” It’ll be wonderful to move around the real thing. Well, the real thing on-screen. 🙂

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  2. I like this…! It fooled me, for one thing. The title made me think that you shot it with a camera I’d never heard about – a “Radcliffe” – so I looked it up and found that it’s “camera” as in “room” not photo-camera. Fascinating history of the building! The other reason I like it is that I think I can see a hand holding up the print on the side? Is that possible? And a shadow? The result is fascinating, like I’m looking at a normal – beautiful – building and seeing a person holding it up at the same time. Wow!


    1. There is a street view link to the google image I cropped and used. It gives a slightly wider context to the outcome and allows you to move around Oxford and do a bit of virtual sightseeing. I’ll be providing the street view link for all future virtual landmark outcomes.

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