a three ternary digit alphabet

I was tempted to use the obvious and correct abbreviation for ternary digit in the title, but ‘a three tit alphabet’ would have just been a cause of tittering and laughter 😉

Anyway, this short video (35s) steps you through all 27 states of the ‘three tit tapeball alphabet’ (you see the innuendo gets worse, with tit and ball in the same title!).

The sequence is a little jumpy as it was produced using my iPhone, without a tripod, but with the aid of Animate It! app.

One thought on “a three ternary digit alphabet

  1. That’s TERRIFIC!!! It’s like a traffic signal that slipped through a ‘brane and popped in on us from another dimension!
    And a hearty BWAHAHAHAH!!!! for the titling “challenge.”

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