distraction or focus

It all depends on the perspective used. From the point of view of this space, my recent absence, while installing outcomes elsewhere, might be seen as a distraction. From my own point of view, I have just been applying my full attention and focus to exploring another space. The other space being a couple of redbubble accounts. Here are a couple of components from those explorations.

kilo scarf © revad david riley
kilo scarf © revad david riley

One of 156 components installed as ALPHABET (SIX PERSPECTIVES).

reductive clock © revad david riley
reductive clock © revad david riley

One of six components installed as REDUCTIVE.

I am enjoying myself exploring the potential of all the products and the tools provided to display the virtual outcomes, outcomes intended to be manufactured into real-world products. Some of the products make interesting connections with the original concepts. Most of all the process of exploring the space has been fun.

An additional dimension can be found recorded in the connected facebook event.

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  1. Your work looks terrific on the RB products! Facebook…hmmm…events? I have an account there but use it only to peek at the things FB won’t show to non-members, when I want to see them, but I never post, etc. Went to the page linked above. Looks fascinating, Dave! So events are FB-based? I just looked at the page that explains them – https://events.fb.com/#promote-your-event-with-ads – they have tickets, too? Pretty cool. Will you do more?


  2. By the way, I see the production of real-world products as an entirely secondary side-effect. My main reason for exploring the redbubble space is to create (another) just another exhibition space. Any sales will result in a small artist’s fee which will be ploughed back into further artistic enquiry, as is fitting for my role as a retired Systems Engineer and a not for profit full-time Artist. You see I can’t call myself a professional artist because I have never made an income from making Art.

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