working in winter

I think the digital studio is the place for me in the winter. So, I have begun experimenting with video again. The last time I did so (in any serious way) was in the period 2011-2013. Back then I used Adobe Premiere Elements, QuickTime Pro and Photoshop CS2 as my tools. Things have since moved on. QuickTime Pro is now deprecated, unsupported and a security risk on the Windows platform (thanks Apple) and my copy of Premiere Elements was not made for Windows 10, so I need to look for replacement video editing tools (CS2 still works for me as still image processor). I considered buying into a commercial package, but I hate the thought of monthly fees (Adobe) and I don’t have a lot of cash, so I am investigating free and (preferably) open source options. After a bit of research, I have installed Blender and VideoPad. It looks like I’ll be climbing a bit of a learning curve, but I know what I want to do with the tools, and this always simplifies the learning process. I’ll post again when I have worked out the basics and can decide on a toolset for this new enquiry.

PS. I have installed a handful of my early video outcomes on instagram.

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  1. Good to discover Instagram posts are simple to include in wordpress posts. Just the URL required. You will be seeing more…


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