While I ponder my next J.A.E.S. installation, I want to get a little bit political…

S T E A M (no copyright statement, please download and use to share the message)

As an engineer, drawing to communicate concepts, and to record the current and proposed physical situation, was just as important as getting the calculations right, just as important as understanding the science, and just as important as understanding the technology. In many ways, drawing was the glue that held the other areas of expertise together. Being able to make good drawings, and diagrams, helped me win over others to my way of thinking.

Drawing is an absolutely essential CREATIVE skill across the curriculum.

Art in general and drawing specifically develops skills that must be taught, in fundamental form in art, and then expanded in context across all other STEAM subjects.


4 thoughts on “S T E A M

  1. Yes, yes, yes! BRAVO!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
    Haven’t been to Redbubble lately – is this going to be tee shirt? Such an important message!!
    I hope you don’t mind my adding that music matters, too, to developing brains. I’m probably biased about that (having been a “music person” since I was very young) but there’s research to support it, particularly in the area of cognitive skills. Visual arts & music ought to be present in all curricula, I think, even the upper levels. But when budget cutbacks begin it’s art and music that usually get clobbered first. Kids ought to be able to study art and music throughout their school years.


    1. ART would very much be THE ARTS, in my mind. So, music and drama too. I picked out drawing to relate my own experience. Life is a game and we all need to work out the role we want to play. Music and maths so entwined, as are drama, sociology and biology. Physics and music too. So many connections to explore and so many cross-discipline opportunities for creativity and growth. Ignore one aspect and we are the lesser for it.

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