an outcome archive

A note on a change of focus:

“This site has recently been re-designated as the main online archive for revad’s outcomes. Consequently, over the coming weeks and months, many more outcomes are scheduled to appear in the index below.”

I prefixed this to the sticky post a few days ago (at the top of the site). After much consideration, I decided to use this free WordPress site as an archive for past and future outcomes and enquiries. My logic was, being a free site it would survive me not being able to pay the hosting fees and other costs required to keep and going. Of course WordPress could fold, but I can’t really help that, except by continuing to use their product.

This decision coincides with the introduction of a new view into my studio, courtesy of a wall mounted and networked raspberry pi camera. I have been tweaking the camera position and angle of view and you can see the current view here.

studio 2017-08-02-1655
studio 2017-08-02-1655

This is a good view of my two production sacrificial boards. Expect more studio and journal views to be posted alongside new and past outcomes. The plan is to build a comprehensive record of my practice back to 2010 and onward.