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This is primarily a space to store and display ideas.
Some ideas are more permanent than others.
You should enjoy the ideas while they are here.
I am a retired engineer / artist and this is
part of what I do with my time.

All concepts, texts and outcomes are © revad David Riley.

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017 opens tomorrow at 11.00 am (Venue 353.) I’ll be showing four painted outcomes (including two diptychs) in the upper hall. With forty other artists, this is a large exhibition installed all over the South Oxford Community Centre. There is a wide variety of contemporary work, although the upper hall (mostly) concentrates on abstract work and paintings of significant scale. As I was one of the first to install my outcomes, I am looking forward to popping in (at some point) to see all the other work in-context. If you are in this part of Oxford, why not pop in and take a look yourself. I’ll post pictures of my individual outcomes in the next few posts…

Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017 at SOCA © 2017 revad David Riley
Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017 at SOCA © 2017 revad David Riley

not forgotten

Apologies to all my regular readers (there are a handful of you) for not posting these past few weeks. I have been busy reorganising my presence elsewhere on the web, and configuring a small network of raspberry pi computers, in anticipation of a future project spanning the real and virtual worlds.


I am currently posting about my work installed for Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017. I may (or may not) return to post more outcomes from the phonetic : p series sometime in the future.