installing a4

Installing a sequenced outcome I call a4.

A short enquiry inspired by the ISO A series of paper sizes. Nothing too intellectual. As usual, I am found taking one step at a time and not looking too far ahead. The outcomes are a response to what has passed and what is current.

installing noise amplification

When the signal is lost in the noise.

noise amplification

An original concept first explored in 2011. Shown here freshly installed in room 3 of the fake gallery. Installed at a rate of (roughly) one series image per day.

installing a quadrillion numbers

Applying the colour alphabet to words used to describe:

a quadrillion numbers

From zero to trillion, each word has been recorded in room two of a fake gallery. This will be published over the coming days, at a rate of (roughly) one or two images per day.

installing colour alphabet

A fresh exhibition of a colour alphabet. An arbitrary alphabet originally conceived in 2012 with the colours derived from a mix of marker pens I just happen to have at the time. This new exhibition has been installed in a fake gallery. The fake gallery being a wall of my studio set aside for recording outcomes.

This will be published over the coming days, (roughly) one image per day.