print space

Our print space has been reorganised.

The new installation (completed today) is dedicated to the theme: Order Chaos.

print space 2017-08-03
print space 2017-08-03

There are 180 outcomes (installed in nine spaces) dedicated to exploring order and chaos via the mechanism of a colour alphabet. The tools used to make these outcomes include: bespoke Python scripts, bespoke Adobe Photoshop actions, Adobe Sketch on an iPad Mini 4, and Adobe Photoshop CS2 on a Windows 10 PC. Yes I am still making good use of CS2!

In addition to the Order Chaos installation, there are other related and non related outcomes in the Zero Space gallery, and a password protected staff only Office Space gallery, where the print space can be managed.

Prints can be ordered on a range of substrates. However, I highly recommend the metal prints and in particular the 24 inch (61cm) square option. This is the substrate, and ideal size I was aiming for, when making the outcomes. The outcomes are excellent on all the sizes, even the 36 inch (91 cm) square option, and there is always the 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind.

I have several samples and here is one outcome as a 24 inch square metal print, installed in my studio gallery.

untitled a -soup- © 2017 revad david riley
untitled a -soup- © 2017 revad david riley

Despite the specification stating a wooden sub-frame is supplied, if the print is made in the UK for the European market, the sub-frame is usually aluminium (at least, all my samples are aluminium).

Proceeds from any sales are always ploughed back 100% into maintaining our web presence (hosting fees) and making new outcomes.

an outcome archive

A note on a change of focus:

“This site has recently been re-designated as the main online archive for revad’s outcomes. Consequently, over the coming weeks and months, many more outcomes are scheduled to appear in the index below.”

I prefixed this to the sticky post a few days ago (at the top of the site). After much consideration, I decided to use this free WordPress site as an archive for past and future outcomes and enquiries. My logic was, being a free site it would survive me not being able to pay the hosting fees and other costs required to keep and going. Of course WordPress could fold, but I can’t really help that, except by continuing to use their product.

This decision coincides with the introduction of a new view into my studio, courtesy of a wall mounted and networked raspberry pi camera. I have been tweaking the camera position and angle of view and you can see the current view here.

studio 2017-08-02-1655
studio 2017-08-02-1655

This is a good view of my two production sacrificial boards. Expect more studio and journal views to be posted alongside new and past outcomes. The plan is to build a comprehensive record of my practice back to 2010 and onward.