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Apologies to all my regular readers (there are a handful of you) for not posting these past few weeks. I have been busy reorganising my presence elsewhere on the web, and configuring a small network of raspberry pi computers, in anticipation of a future project spanning the real and virtual worlds. I will be returning to post more outcomes from the phonetic : p series in the near future.

now exhibiting






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This is primarily a space to store and display ideas.
Some ideas are more permanent than others.
You should enjoy the ideas while they are here.
I am a retired engineer / artist and this is
part of what I do with my time.

All concepts, texts and outcomes are © revad David Riley.


While I ponder my next J.A.E.S. installation, I want to get a little bit political…

S T E A M (no copyright statement, please download and use to share the message)

As an engineer, drawing to communicate concepts, and to record the current and proposed physical situation, was just as important as getting the calculations right, just as important as understanding the science, and just as important as understanding the technology. In many ways, drawing was the glue that held the other areas of expertise together. Being able to make good drawings, and diagrams, helped me win over others to my way of thinking.

Drawing is an absolutely essential CREATIVE skill across the curriculum.

Art in general and drawing specifically develops skills that must be taught, in fundamental form in art, and then expanded in context across all other STEAM subjects.


tricolour opens

As you can see, I have decided to not post the complete month tricolour series. To finish this installation, I have posted the two D E C outcomes to follow the already posted J A N outcomes. We can think of these as-if bookends to the full series.  All twenty four outcomes can be found at CODED-IMAGES.COM. This allows me to declare the tricolour installation here on JAES open.


-tricolour- pause

I have paused to take stock. I could go on and post the full year of -month- -tricolour- outcomes and the full year of -month- -pattern- outcomes, but should I?

In the mean-time, I am adding both series to CODED-IMAGES.COM, so you could go view them all there (eventually).

What do you think?

installing tricolour

Working with the Alphabet installation on Redbubble and Facebook got me thinking about using the scarf views in a side-effect enquiry. So I am going to install here an (as yet) unknown number of scarf triptychs. An installation I will call…


The colours will be taken from the colour alphabet and the inspiration for the tricolour selections will be found on the day of making the installation post. Some will represent words and others may be more abstract.

an alphabet event

There is now a facebook virtual event exhibiting an alternate perspective on the Redbubble Alphabet (Six Perspectives) installation. The event is on until 13th January 2017, it is entirely free and entirely virtual, making it easy to attend from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection and access to a facebook login.

h n y © revad david riley
h n y © revad david riley


Either the facebook event or the Redbubble installation can be used to decode the colour coded outcomes you can find exhibited in any number of other virtual and real-world venues.